Pickleball Tuxedo T-shirt

JAG Athletics

Here's the quick story:

I created these shirts because I like to have 10 or so of the same exact shirt in a few different colors when I'm competing/training. The last time I bought a batch was in 2014 and they had gotten pretty ragged haha.

See when I played in Pro Tennis Tournaments there were a lot of rules about fabric, style, logo size, etc... but pickleball doesn't have those rules... yet.

So I thought... now that I'm going pro in Pickleball I should start dressing up for work haha. I looked for some nice soft poly athletic tuxedo tshirts that have a nice fit to wear for playing pickleball... and anything else really.

But... I couldn't find what I was looking for... So I had to create it myself.

Now that I'm wearing them I've already sold and given away a few, so I will be placing a new order soon because I even need them to play in. At this point I'm taking orders until I have enough for a new batch.

My best guess is 3-5 weeks for delivery.

How to Order

The price is $25 for one - or $20/piece for 2 or more... plus $7 S&H.
(1 shirt would be $32 total, and 3 shirts would be $67)

Unless I already gave you or will be giving it to you in person...
then no S&H

There are 6 colors. Grey - Red - Green - Blue - Yellow - Sapphire

You can get any combination of size and color... just be aware the tuxedo graphic will be the same on all shirts. (Optimized for Medium - pictured)

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS: Send me a FB Message with your order details. Once I receive enough orders, I will contact you about payment.

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